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If you're experiencing difficulties with your digital audiobook, you've come to the correct spot. Since we also edit and narrate books in addition to writing them, you can be sure that your audiobook will be of the highest caliber. We can help you with distributes on iTunes, Audible, Kindle, and other platforms because we are one of the top audiobook services providers. Since we have already created more than 200 audiobooks, when we say we're the greatest, we truly mean IT.

Why Should You Hire An Audiobook Services Provider?

You might be debating if it is even worthwhile to hire audiobook specialists. So here are some reasons why you ought to use us:

Working with us allows you to make significant time and financial savings. You might consider employing independent narrators to do your assignment, but the majority of high-caliber narrators are costly, and there's also the issue of marketing and distribution. You can have all of these things handled by our business without difficulty or hassle.
Professional Quality
You've written a book of the highest caliber. The quality of your business cards is excellent. Your website is of excellent quality. Your cover design is of a very high caliber.
Breathing Life Into The Books
We are artists, not just professionals. We give your figures life, just as Athena did for Prometheus' clay sculpture. We identify each character's voice before bringing them to life. Narration is more than just reading the book it involves experiencing each character's moment in real time, and our talented narrators and artists are masters at doing just that.
What happens when you've produced a terrific audiobook? Moving on to distributors is a difficult undertaking in of of itself because there are several platforms, each with a distinct market and niche. We make sure that your audiobook receives the most exposure possible and that all of your distribution options are utilized. So all that's left to do is wait and enjoy the benefits of your inspired thought.
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Do You Need Audiobook Narrators For Hire?

It goes without saying that you need a narrator if you've written a book. The top narrators in the business are on staff at BWS to meet all of your needs. Depending on the genre of your book, our voice actors can produce the sounds and tempo you require, whether you want a young, upbeat voice or a deep, melancholy one. To hire our narration for yourself, click the button below.

We Have The Best Audiobook Narrators

We take pride in having the top narrators in the business on board with us as an audiobook firm that has been in business for more than 10 years. These narrators not only make your story seem fascinating, but also make it addicting for listeners. We are proud to say that we are number one in the entire USA for this reason.

Purchase An Audiobook Subscription.

We provide an unlimited audiobook membership among other features so you can get the most out of our site. If you're picky, the price of an audiobook is affordable for a one-time purchase. However, the best option if you want to explore the wide ocean of audiobooks is to subscribe to our unlimited audiobook service. You'll feel a part of the narrative thanks to our Human-Read Audiobook services.

Concerned About Audiobooks' High Prices?

Do not worry; we ensure that the budget is adequate so that the author can utilize the full range of our services without experiencing financial hardship. Additionally, we offer marketing services for a fee that offsets any additional expenses the author might otherwise incur. We are adaptable, trustworthy, and dependable because we want you to succeed. Our success depends on your success.

What Makes Our Audiobook Services The Best For You?

To guarantee that the audience's attention is held at all times, you can create an audiobook. The audiobook recording should be compelling throughout. The best audiobook services have a cost.

  • We have been offering audiobook recording services for more than ten years.
  • The tools and skills required to finish your project are in the hands of our talented group of committed audiobook specialists.
  • We support your efforts to engage your readers.
  • We make sure the audiobook experience is seamless, engrossing, and reasonably priced.
  • We work with audiobook narrators who capture the listener’s attention right away with their voice.
  • When compared to other companies in this field, our audiobook price is the lowest, but the quality of the services we offer makes it the best.


Looking For A Nearby Hired Audiobook Service?

Finding an audiobook agency for your book may be difficult, or you may be dubious about it altogether. Give us an opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities so that you can realize your aspirations and goals.

What Is Our Whole Audiobook Process?

Every audiobook company has a unique approach to discussing the work. At Book Writing Founder, our procedure is really easy to follow.


Check the book contracts again to be sure you have the audio rights (if you have). You are regarded as a Rights Holder if you do.

Apply Online

To acquire all the information needed to produce your audiobook, fill out the form on our website, and a member of our staff will get in touch with you.


Following your discussion, we will select a few audiobook narrators from our pool for you to listen to samples of them reading various passages from your book. The person who you relate to the most will afterwards be chosen to narrate your work.


You will be given recordings of each chapter so you can listen to them and give your approval before receiving the finished product.


Your audiobook will be released across all platforms once it has been finalized and authorized for the best possible results.


To ensure that everyone is aware of your book, our team of outstanding marketers will take the lead in spreading the word about it on all social media platforms.

Set Back & Earn

Once we get going, we make sure that you start receiving payments in the first month. Therefore, let us to assist you in making your audiobook a best seller.