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Providing Books Video Trailer Services For Aspiring Authors That Want To Do Just A Little Bit More.

Here at thewriters hub, we can offer you the perfect video trailers. We add the missing piece to your puzzle. By creating video book trailers, you are essentially having a conversation with your target audience. We fully understand how important that can be for readers. We ensure that you get the highest quality of product at a price range that suits you best. We help you create a book trailer that is both engaging and fun for your readers. A book trailer is basically a summary or an insight into the actual book. This helps you to engage with your audience better.

What Are The Different Types Of Book Trailers That We Provide?

A lot is done differently between an average book trailer and a good one. To ensure that your book trailer is as perfect as possible, you need to research extensively. It would be optimum to have a video trailer created for your books. It needs to be something that positively impacts your book. Check out other book trailer websites to have a better idea of what you want us to create. This helps you to have a wider perspective on the quality of service we offer. After concluding your research, you can contact us and get started with your project.

Cinematic Book Trailers

These trailers are the most complex and require the maximum amount of creativity there is. Often resembling a movie, these book trailers can be a bit expensive but are well worth the money.

Blurb Trailers

These trailers typically have reviews or testimonials inside them. Blurb trailers can be an effective tool to promote a book, which is apparent in most authors having them created before releasing the book.

Author Profiles

These trailers generally feature the book's author in an interview like scenario where they are talking about the book. The authors are basically endorsing the book and promoting the person behind the idea.


These resemble author profiles but are an extended version of them. Docu-Trailers generally follow a documentary style of filming where the author talks about the idea behind the book and what prompted them to write it.

Animated Trailers

These trailers are the most fun than the rest of the trailers as they allow a greater margin for creativity and cinematics. People design their animated trailers to promote an idea that cannot be represented by typical forms of media.



We have answered some questions that concern our customers down below. If you have more, contact us, and we’ll help you out!

Why Should You Have A Book Trailer Made?

Professional book trailers require much work to be done. We also need to ensure that the video trailers for your book are not too specific. This means that your trailers do not target a small proportion of the wider audience. We do this by providing you different book trailer examples. It is you who choose the best one. Creating a book trailer is a lengthy process. To capture your entire book's essence in a 2-minute video is not something anyone can do. That is our area of expertise. This is done by our in-house crew of visualizers and art directors. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We hope that once you're done, you never google "how to make a book trailer" again.

Online Reach

The world of online marketing spans far and wide, and you, too, can market your product in a way that almost guarantees results. 74% of all online traffic comprises of videos!

Communicate Your Ideas Faster

You can spread the message faster than any other mode of communication. Humans think visually. Thus your video is more likely to be understood and shared.

Encourage Sharing

People are more likely to share your videos on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, helping you grow your audience exponentially.

Call To Action

64% of us are more likely to buy something if we have seen a video of it on the internet. A trailer can prove to be an amazing tool to use if you want others to buy your product.

Set Your Self Apart

You can differentiate yourself from others by having a book trailer made. The chances are, your book is not the first of its kind. Thus it helps if you have something unique.

Sell More

The most important reason to have a trailer created is to increase your sales with the additional reach that you gather from your videos.